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Technological progress and competitiveness in the Canadian forest products industry. 1999. Globerman, S.; Nakamura, M.; Ruckman, K.; Vertinsky, I.; Williamson, T.B. Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service, Headquarters, Science Branch and Industry, Economics and Program Branch, Ottawa. 55 p.

Year: 1999

Available from: National Capital Region

Catalog ID: 10506

Language: English

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The competitive circumstances of the Canadian forest products industry are rapidly evolving and these changing conditions have implications for its future technological requirements. This report is drawn from interviews conducted with forest products technology experts and from research on the properties of knowledge and technology and their relationship to economic growth and industrial development. The report provides an assessment of the current technological capacity of the forest industry. Factors that affect the rate of innovation are also discussed. The technological requirements of the forest industry are expected to increase. However, the technological capacity of the industry is low compared with firms in other countries. Moreover, there will be reduced opportunity to expand into previously undeveloped and unallocated forest areas and therefore the opportunity to construct new state of the art mills based on new timber allocations will decline. New approaches and stronger commitments to technology and innovation may be necessary. Among the factors that should be considered in developing and implementing a course of action are the need for a common understanding of concepts, issues, and options; a review of the level of private and public sector investment in research and development; and clarification of the roles of and interactions between governments, universities, and research cooperatives and the behavior of firms in light of the changing technological requirements of the industry. These and other factors pertaining to the technological requirements of the forest industry are discussed and evaluated in this report.

Also available under the title:
Progrès technologiques et concurrence dans l'industrie canadienne des produits forestiers (French)

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